HAAM Re-Branding

Art Direction


Alberto Berlanga: Brand Resarch, Physical Touchpoints and Advertising

Isabela Cordero: Print, Brand Strategy

Tristan Renteria: Social Media, Brand Deck

Xavier Hernandez: UI/UX, Brand Strategy


To rebrand Austin-based non-profit organization HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians) as well as to create a potentially successful advertising campaign to promote it. These would have to be consistent both visually and verbally in order to convey a competent brand that invites those outside to get involved.



  • HAAM has strong recognition in Austin, being one of the most famous local non-profits.
  • New location will allow HAAM to expand their services as well as provide a space for their clients to engage with the company more directly.


  • Marketing heavily leans towards clients which is good but not the best if trying to increase revenue from donors.


  • Ausin’s constant growth brings in a large stream of live music fans/potential donors.
  • The increase in the economy means there will be more opportunity to get big donors on board.


  • Gentrification can push potential clients out of the city.

Looking at the brand positioning we were made aware that HAAM as an organization is already in its own special area within the Austin non-profit for musicians market.

Research Conclusion:

If HAAM wants to come out on top it needs to adapt to a constantly changing market, primarily it needs to focus its efforts on getting donors on board rather than clients as they are already an established brand in Austin to musicians.

Re-branding HAAM

Old Logo

Updated Trademark

Advertising Campaign

Listen to your city

We decided the best approach to take is one that highlights and pays tribute to the very artists HAAM is supporting with their service. The campaign will point the spotlight on Austin musicians, by telling their story and highlighting their work we will establish a connection between Austinites and their city’s music. This will lead to a public that is more aware and mindful of its city’s music culture. This will be achieved through physical advertisement, a social media presence, a curated spotify playlist, and a redesigned webpage.