Branding + UX


What we do and how we do it

We produce portable speakers with a priority in versatility. We achieve this by giving our users as many options as possible in regards to how they listen to their music.

What makes us different?

Not only do our speakers allow customers to create a network of sound, that network can be easily taken anywhere thanks to our small portable speaker design.

Brand Mission

Belbe strives to make good sound easy to access anywhere, anytime. We know the kind of  power music holds and we are serious about spreading it by allowing our customers to link their speakers with other Belbe users and spread the love even further. Not that they have to, they can decide how they listen. 


  • Versatility
  • Generally simple design


  • New company in an oversaturated market


  • Rise of Music Streaming
  • Resurgence of Vinyl
  • Rising interest in Audio Quality


  • Intense Competition
  • Cheaper Options

Brand Development


Brand Palette

Speakers come in pairs, one each for the left and right audio channels so you can arrange them in whatever way works best for you. But don’t get the wrong idea, this is just one of the ways you can listen to your favorite music with Belbe; thanks to the knob located behind each of the speakers, they can be set to each act as their own system. They can also be set to connect to other pairs to create a vast network of sound around your location without the need for a home theatre.

Knob Icon


Developing a user-friendly app was vital for falicitating use of the product for the customer. It is optional to Belbe users and is intended more for convenience than anything else.

App in Action